If you have special requirements for your sleeping comfort, you will enjoy a visit at Styldecor. At Styldecor we spend all our time and attention on making the bed of your dreams. Both in terms of comfort and design. Furthermore, all materials we use are of the highest quality: wood, fabrics, springs…Styldecor combines luxury beds with high-tech mattresses. Each bed combination is made entirely by hand in our own workshops. This makes it easy for us to adjust where necessary and to ensure the perfect finish of your bed.

Beautifully detailed

A bed to dream about! The beauty of a Styldecor bed lies in the details! That is why each Styldecor bed is made by hand, time after time, by the best craftsmen with many years of experience. From the joinery to the studs. From painting to upholstering…
This is the only way we can guarantee that everything is finished down to the smallest detail. After finishing, each product is submitted to a final quality control. Only then is it delivered to your home. Only then can we also end our day in beauty.

One of a kind

The texture and colour of the upholstery give your bed that personal touch. That is why at Styldecor we select our own range of luxurious fabrics. In both contemporary colours and classic shades. In both superfine and robust textures.
We can also upholster your bed with a fabric you supply yourself. This way,
you can fully adapt your bed to your bedroom and enjoy a real one of a kind bed!

For life

At Styldecor we only use the very best materials. The raw materials are carefully selected based on their quality and durability. In the core of the box springs, we replace the classic spring with pocket springs and provide a 3D mirror on top with integrated non-slip material for optimal ventilation of your bed. Our box springs are finished with high-quality fabrics and stitched with extra strong yarn. The headboards are built from the best wood parts and flawlessly finished with high quality materials: yarn, buttons, piping, … Only this way we can we offer you a bed for life!

Ergonomic in style

A Styldecor mattress combines the generous aesthetics of the past with the high-tech materials of today. The combination of a Styldecor box spring and mattress offers you perfect ergonomics. Day after day. Nothing is as decisive for your lying comfort as your mattress. That is why we put a lot of energy into searching for new technologies and applications to achieve that ultimate sleeping comfort. Styldecor mattresses give you delightful contact and progressive support. They are all ‘gems’ on the outside that you would almost forget how innovative the inside is…

Handmade at Kuurne

Styldecor is part of the Revor Group, a Belgian producer of mattresses and box springs for the past 50 years. We produce them in our 50,000 m² factory in Kuurne (near Kortrijk). We only use materials of the highest quality, including Belgian luxury damask for the cover of our Fortuna mattress. The finish of our products illustrates the pure craftsmanship of the Styldecor collection