Kriskadecor is a global brand that knows no borders. They export 80% of their production, having carried out projects in more than 90 countries, which has allowed the brand to get to know and adapt to the most diverse environments and cultures.

In Kriskadecor they love partnering with architecture and interior design firms, both internationally renowned and up-and-coming professionals. And best of all: they love to be part of their projects and help bring them to fruition.

Kiskadecor creates fully customizable projects with aluminum links, providing architects and interior designers with a wide range of solutions: space dividers, wallcoverings, ceiling features, lighting elements, cladding, or any other unique structure you can imagine.

The versatility and lightness of the material allows the customization in color, shape, and size of any structure. They can also reproduce text, images, and patterns thanks to the in-house technology and extensive finishings palette.

The quality and reliability of the final product is due to Kriskadecor’s vast cumulative experience working with aluminum. Kriska and Snina are manufactured with 99.99% top quality aluminum, a highly sustainable building material.