Our story begins in 1893, and since then thousands of people have worked around the company’s looms, weaving their different ideas and projects. Today one can sum up this rich narrative in two concepts: innovation and creativity.

Maintaining and pursuing this goal with constant passion, the company has diversified its product offer over the years, developing both the textile and chemical sectors. An important strategic decision taken in the 1950s then paved the way for the ennoblement of the textile range.

In the second half of the Twentieth century, between the ’70s and the ’90s, this integration made it possible to invest in research and development dedicated to leather goods, accessories, clothing, footwear, and even the automotive sector.

Year after year, Limonta has grown, succeeding in the difficult yet fundamental undertaking of preserving the soul of craftsmanship in an industrial body. And true to this spirit, we are always ready to invest in exciting companies and innovations on the market.

Partly as a challenge and partly by vocation, as early as the 1990s we chose to follow the path of sustainable growth, which today more than ever, continues to act as the group’s guiding compass.


The Fabrics and Coatings division was founded in 1955, and stands out in the national and international textile scene for its great experience accumulated over the years. And not only in industrial terms: in this case, the added value lies above all in the passion of the people who work in Limonta, constantly putting their intuition to work to build new projects with the best fashion brands and their designers.

For us, every project starts with tailored research dedicated to our customers: we listen to stylists and designers to gain insight, then we study our archives, the precious source of a century-old history.
A project can be diversified through the development of every single step: this is the merit of the vertical integration guaranteed by Limonta. For this reason, we guarantee confidentiality and exclusivity at every stage of the chain: from fabric production to finishing, printing, and quality control. This is both a human and professional quality that has always been recognized in terms of trust and reliability.

Characteristic of the whole group is the extensive contamination of knowledge: the sections dedicated to textiles, ennoblement, research, and printing, integrate and enrich each other through productive interdependence.