Atelier vierkant

Atelier Vierkant promotes clay to design. They do that in their own unique way without compromise: headstrong, as becomes the Belgians. The handcrafted creations are conquering the world and can be admired in the most exclusive locations. Belgium may be one of the smallest European countries, but despite its modest size, the innovation of its many artistic talents cannot be confined. From fashion to interior designers to top chefs, each and every one understands the art of combining design and terroir, and the results are praised the world round. ‘Made in Belgium’ has evolved into a quality label like no other. Atelier Vierkant does it with clay: clay coming from Western Europe that is transformed into unique handcrafted pots in their Belgian studio, 70 tonnes per week. How does one give clay, a centuries-old material, its own contemporary design personality? There are no standard objects here, only authentic designs of artisanal quality, design pieces with a heart and soul: made by hand, slowly and meticulously. Two pieces are never exactly alike. Each design that leaves the premises is entirely unique and bears the stamp of its creator.